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Image by Jacob  Sapp


Our teams consist of some of the most outstanding individuals, with goodness all around heart and soul. This is displayed in daily practice and results in fine services. Their position is rightfully titled as  “Day Makers” because that is exactly their personality. We stay energized & motivated by bringing  smiles and clean spaces every day of the week both to local businesses and families.

We describe ourselves as a full-service cleaning & lifestyle design company, finding solutions for individuals both home & businesses to be in their optimum environment. We are inspired by “Life” and helping others to create a space to live their best one.

Image by Chang Duong

Why Choose KPCS

  • Green and Sustainable Cleaning Practices

  • Dedicated, Educated, Consistent and Punctual

  • Educated on the Cleaning Industries Best Practices

  • Specialized team that takes 3-5 hours per day to completely disinfect and prepare our equipment for the next days service. 

  • We are licensed and insured in the State of Minnesota, and can render you a certificate of insurance as needed.

  • All employees complete daily health screenings prior to their shift, and a nurse is available to review and answer any questions as needed. The team is educated on the CDC recommendations and guidelines related to Covid 19.

  •  Consistent Communication from our Team, the Team Manager, Administrative Manager, Client Liaison, Brand Invigorator. We will answer when you need us to.

  • Our reviews speak for themselves. We encourage you to get to know us on all Social Media Platforms. 

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