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Services Provided

Cleaning Standards Explained



Priority Cleaning

Our ideal client utilizing our Priority cleaning standard is someone that is looking to cover more area in their home or office. They also may be focused on completing certain Priority areas or projects. This service is still full service and includes any service that we offer. Our time is your time, so let us know where to spend it.  This client may want a lighter cleaning standard, and are open to focusing on their priority goals set together during our onsite consultation. If you are working within a certain price point goal, this may also include you. Our goal with this service is to have increased communication so that we can better understand your goals and exceed them. Staging and disinfection focused.

Pricing starts at $ 350.00- $400.00 per service


Complete Cleaning

This service utelizes our complete cleaning standards. Top to bottom, left to right. We explain this as a whole home service where we complete your home or office to the highest cleaning standard. Our ideal client for this is someone that pays attention to the extra details. Someone who truly values a clean, tidy and staged home. Lets make your home a magazine cover!


House Management

This service includes our "Complete cleaning" while also offering even more! Grocery shopping, item delivery, plant care, animal care, meal prep.  We will help manage all of your rotational cleaning items including carpet cleaning, window cleaning, duct cleaning, and handyman services. This is where we thrive. An ideal client is someone who truly needs help, and values what we do. We are here to serve you in any way that we can! We work to completely manage your home, taking care of the "Little things" so you don't even have to think of them. This service is a process of getting to know you, your family or team, and your dynamics.

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