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Our Story

Alana grew up in the Cleaning Industry, her parents owned Pine Ridge Cleaning and Restoration, a local Mora Minnesota Cleaning Company. Since the age of 16 Alana worked along side her family learning the tricks of the trade, specializing in Restorative Deep Cleaning needed for Remediation Services including, Fire and Smoke Damage, Water Damage, and Mold remediation. Alana took that knowledge and used her kind heart of giving to others to create Knox Professional Cleaning Services. Alana has a heart like no other. She always gives her best energies to the Team, our Clients and our Community.

 Cody has a history in Emergency Medicine, Nursing Management, Surgical site decontamination and IICRC certified  Carpet Cleaning. With his experience he took the role as the Director of Operations with KPCS. He has used his Management mindset to help create new policies and procedures to help KPCS run efficiently. 

Prior to starting as an LLC Cody and Alana were working several different jobs, and missing out on the most important thing to a families wellbeing, "Time".


We felt the strain and pressure of working for other businesses and we wanted to drastically change our life's path. We decided to start Knox Professional Cleaning Services so that we could spread love, help our community and take back the time with our son, and fur babies. We have enjoyed providing a service that truly helps families to enjoy the "Most important things in life", their loved ones. We are proud to have the motto, " Helping our clients to live their best life, in their optimum environment. Living in Peace, prosperity and Youth". 

Meet The Team

Cody And Alana Knox


Day Makers

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"You" Come join our team of wonderful Day Makers!

"We help our clients to live their best life, living in peace prosperity and youth"

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